Ready for a relationship that can accompany your career?


Jacinta Harford from Australia

“Basically, what was helpful is being told to be more serious and concentrate on the most important things to get the job. I am feeling way more confident and I have devised some bullet points with everything I am about. [In my interview] they said they were impressed and I was close so I guess that means my interview skills have strengthened 🙂 thank you so much!”

– Jacinta Harford, Australia

Karen Woodin Rodriguez from Mexico

“Thanks for the advice while I was applying. I am loving every moment of my new job. The travel, the learning, the partners I meet and my colleagues….my colleagues are just amazing as are the peeps they’ve introduced me to. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have such amazing people in my life and to get to build those relationships.”

– Karen Woodin Rodriguez, Mexico


Courtney Jallo from the USA

This was so helpful! Thanks for your advice Malaika, I appreciate the honest feedback and clear set of goals you’ve set before me!

– Courtney Jallo, USA