The interview went well. What can I do to ensure they pick me?

“Yesterday I had an interview with UNHCR. It went quite well. Most of the questions were fairly standard — albeit that one of the panelists seemed a little disappointed when I said — after he’d asked — that I don’t have experience with a few specific types of cases. But there, unfortunately, there’s little I can change about that.

“I’ve had two internships at UNHCR. Do you think that at this stage it could still be appropriate to ask some of my former colleagues there to put in a good word for me? Or is this something that could also backfire? They informed me that there will be no further interviews or other assessments and that they would notify me of the outcome in three weeks.”

1 thought on “The interview went well. What can I do to ensure they pick me?”

  • Yes you can definitely do that. I would go one step further: write them an email that’s says “Hey how are you here’s what I’ve been up to”, and include an email they can just forward to their contacts. Such as “[Name] briefly mentioned to me that he’s interviewing for this position and I can really recommend him because of A, B, and C.” Do the work for them.

    Congrats on a great interview !

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